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2003 Saturn Vue Question: Dash Warning Light Illuminated

My car runs great but the "Service Engine Soon" warnig light just came on. I'm wondering if any other Saturn Vue owners have had this problem and what they found out was the cause. Thanks for your help. -
Answer 1
take the vehicle to your local auto parts house, they usually can/will scan your car for codes for free. Reply here with the codes, and we can help decipher them for you. -
Answer 2
we had the same problem.car ran perfect no other problems.turned out it was the gas cAP.DEALER SAID REPLACEMENT CAPS DONT ALWAYS SEAL AS WELL.CHEAP FIX. -
Comment 1
Thank you for sharing that information. My gas cap is a replacement. I'll order a factory replacement. -
Answer 3
Hello I am having a problem with service light staying on steady we are now finding a little bit of oil stains on the concrete? Help!! The truck is running fine. i just had an oil change. -
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First a thanks to Wilsonite for answering my first question about what to do about the "Service Engine Soon" light on my dashboard. I took the car to Auto Zone and used the handheld diagnostic too...