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1992 Honda Accord Question: Dash & tail lights not working..?

My dash stopped lighting up and the tail lights do not come on, even when the lights are all the way switched on (front lights DO work, though) but when I brake they do. Any ideas what this could be and if it's an expensive repair? Thanks! -
Answer 1
I have replaced quite a few head light switches on those. Check fuse 15 it is all the light circuits you mention! -
Comment 1
Great advice, i just inquired the same problem. N yes it was fuses -
Answer 2
need an answer for this problem -
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The clock light has a tendency to burn out.
Un sure what the problem is looking for common problems.checked fuses and bulbs already, and Im pretty sure that they went at the same time. My brake lights still work and my head lights and all ot...
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all the tail lights works but when i turn on lights at night i dont have trailing lights. nor do i have lights in headboard.