Chrysler Sebring Problem Report

Chrysler Sebring Dash/Instrument cluster may go out due to faulty connections

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For my Chrysler Sebring 2007 CRD I repaired the dashboard lights using this part -
Instrument cluster back lighting went out. Chrysler says it can't be fixed. Must replace instrument cluster at over $600.00. You would think that Chrysler would do something about this. My research on this issue has revealed that the issue has been around for years, yet Chrysler has done NOTHING about it. I guess it is just Chrysler's way of making a lot of money forcing us to replace the cluster when they could have fixed the problem early on. Way to go Chrysler. Looks like you will lose a customer. The chances of me buying another Chrysler product is slim to none unless you fix this issue!!!!! -
Dash lights are out -
Gauge cluster backlights have gone out. Can't find a solution. -
We have had an intermittent problem with the instrument cluster lights going out. When the car is turned back on, they sometimes come back. You could also be driving down the road and hit a bump and then the lights for the cluster will come back on. -
The dash lights have stopped working. -
Cluster dashboard backlight went out 3/13/15, Friday. Have appt for test & hopefully repairs.I need to be able to sse/read speedometer at night!!!! J. JONES -
My dash lights went out and need repair! how do i fix this? -
instrument panel lights went out. Not yet fixed -
Just the dash lights went out about a month ago. -
Well I've had this car for a month and it started flickering (the instrument cluster) and just now it has completely gone off. Just happened so I still haven't gotten it fixed yet. -
dash light went out came on maybe on time can't get back on now -
lights flicker now out -
bought car and didn't notice the dash lights didn't work until the evening after I took it home -
instrument cluster went out. checked fuses all are fine ...i was told it could be a bulb which is 22.00 or entire instrument neeeds to be replaced 800.00 help!!!!! what do i do can i fix myself 1998 chrysler sebring...i would never buy a chrysler ever again nor would i take one for free -
i have with my 98. fortunetly it seem to work, when is inspection time. -
Only the lights on the cluster in front of the steering wheel went out. Was told that the lights are soldered onto the cluster and 850.00 later was fixed (*had to buy a new cluster just to have lights on the spedomoter) -
while driving the speedometer light started blinking then went out could not see the seep I was going nor the gas gage or temp. everything stayed on radio inside light clock, how do I fix this problem. -
same here thy want 600 dollar to replace -
I went out last night and noticed that I had not dashboards lights. I couldn't see the gas gauge, the speedometer or anything. Everything was pitch black.I tried playing with the light switch to the left of the steering wheel, but to no avail. I took the car to the dealer and it was close to the end of the day and they seemed to be lost as to what the problem to be! -
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