Dash/Instrument cluster may go out due to faulty connections on Chrysler Sebring

Average mileage: 101,578 (22,520–220,000)
13 model years affected: 1997, 1998, 1999, 2000, more2001, 2002, 2003, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010
98 people reported this problem
67 people shared problem details
We have had an intermittent problem with the instrument cluster lights going out. When the car is turned back on, they sometimes come back. You could also be driving down the road and hit a bump and then the lights for the cluster will come back on.
My dash lights went out and need repair! how do i fix this?
2007 Chrysler Sebring111,500
For my Chrysler Sebring 2007 CRD I repaired the dashboard lights using this part http://dodgecaliberinstrumentclusterlight.blogspot.de/
Instrument cluster back lighting went out. Chrysler says it can't be fixed. Must replace instrument cluster at over $600.00. You would think that Chrysler would do something about this. My research on this issue has revealed that the issue has been around for years, yet Chrysler has done NOTHING about it. I guess it is just Chrysler's way of making a lot of money forcing us to replace the cluster when they could have fixed the problem early on. Way to go Chrysler. Looks like you will lose a customer. The chances of me buying another Chrysler product is slim to none unless you fix this issue!!!!!
Cluster dashboard backlight went out 3/13/15, Friday. Have appt for test & hopefully repairs.I need to be able to sse/read speedometer at night!!!! J. JONES
instrument cluster went out. checked fuses all are fine ...i was told it could be a bulb which is 22.00 or entire instrument neeeds to be replaced 800.00 help!!!!! what do i do can i fix myself 1998 chrysler sebring...i would never buy a chrysler ever again nor would i take one for free
Gauge cluster backlights have gone out. Can't find a solution.
Dash lights are out
2005 Chrysler Sebring117,000
The dash lights have stopped working.
Instrument cluster lights began flickering; went off intermittently; now off completely. Spoke to Chrysler and was told there has been no recalls, car is out of warranty, and they have never heard of this concern. Their answer to solving the issue is to work with the dealership and have it fixed. If in the future there is a recall, I can get reimbursed. Asked to speak with a supervisor and was asked why I wanted to speak with them. I explained that I wanted to speak to them further about my issue and was told that the supervisor would tell me the same thing. When I said I still would like to speak with the supervisor, they said it would be 1 business day before they would call back. GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE - NOT!!!
instrument panel lights went out. Not yet fixed
Just the dash lights went out about a month ago.
The instrument cluster lights have gone out in my vehicle. It is causing hazardous driving conditions at night for me. I am hoping that this issue could be resolved by Chrysler Corp or Chrysler Dealership.
2005 Chrysler Sebring198,272
Lights don't come in the instrument cluster until I get the car warm after about fifteen minutes big driving with the heat on in defroster it seems to warm up the luminescent bulbs and they will work until the car gets cold again.
The cluster lights are blinking again I have the paper work where I gave the cluster replaced in 2013 now having the same problem I will never buy another Chrysler again
Dash lights go on and off, most of the time off
2007 Chrysler Sebring110,000
The dash lights would get brighter then dimmer while driving. Eventually the dash light went out completely. The mechanic I took it to refused to attempt to fix it. I am currently driving with no dash lights until I can find someone to fix it.
2006 Chrysler Sebring112,000
Instrument cluster not working, no odomoter, no fuel, nothing. First time it happened they were intermittent, and error messages displayed in odometer, but now nothing. Fuse is good, even swapped it. Is there a relay or something else?
2007 Chrysler Sebring110,000
The lights on the instrument panel stopped working
All dash lights are out... Can't see anything at night...
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