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1999 Toyota Camry Question: Dash lights not working

Dash panel lights will not come on , checked all fuses, all OK, took dash apart didnt see anything wrong with the Plastic circuit of lights, The indicater lights for Park, Reverse, Drive, work OK, I'm thinking problem maybe in the dash light dimmer control on the lower left hand side of the dash, any IDEAS ??? -
Answer 1
It looks like you have power to the instrument cluster illumination circuit on terminal 13, then terminal 12 is the ground and it goes to the rheostat. Can you check for 12 volts at terminal 13? Is the rheostat working for the other dash lights? -
Comment 1
The rheostat has no effect when turned, lights are dead, will check for 12v and let you know, BTW where are these terminals, on the dash panel or on the fuse block, cannot find a reference to 12 or 13, Also the rheostat measures 5.3 volts, and no change when turning the knob either direction, -
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