2004 Buick Rainier Q&A

2004 Buick Rainier Question: dash lights go out periodically

2004 Buick Ranier, The dash lights, radio lights and temperature control lights are periodically going out. Thought it was a fuse, but why would it be periodic though? -
Answer 1
If it's intermittent it's not likely a fuse. Electrical issues can be caused my several different things, loose connection in the effected circuit, faulty relay, control module issue or a software issue. Diagnosing any of these requires quite a bit of experience and special tools, so I suggest you find a good shop that specializes in GM vehicles and have them look at it, they may have seen this already and know just what to do. Here are some near you: http://repairpal.com/directory?address=70001&car_brand_names=Buick -
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mine did the same thing. i figured it out that it was a loose connection in the radio amp. if your raidio stops playing also then there might be the problem. under the driverside back seat. -