Dash lights don't work consistently on 1997 Honda Accord

The lights on my dashboard don't work most the time for the a/c controls but occasionally work. Any idea why this would be?

Asked by for the 1997 Honda Accord
Dash bulbs will occasionally act this way when they are going out. If the filament in the bulb is broken, it will occasionally make contact and work. If it is just one bulb acting this way, that may be the problem, if more than one bulb is turning off, then you have a different problem.
If multiple bulbs start or stop working at the same time, it may be a switch or a wiring problem. If they randomly start or stop working independently of each other, it is likely the bulbs. From what you describe, I would check out the bulbs first!
It appears to be multiple bulbs. The ones on the console that light up which gear the car is in work occasionally. The ones on the climate control never work. The one that lights up the electrical/lighter port works sometimes.