Dash Lights come ome on while driving on 2006 Chrysler PT Cruiser

Occasionally my dash lights will come on while driving...They only stay on for seconds,,Oil. battery, seat belt, etc...what causes this?

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Most of the time it is an alternator problem.
Thanks for the info...Joe
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before you replace the alternator, have this verified. if all the lights are on there is something else going on. it could be the cluster that may have a malfunction.
have a shop verify and give you a bid.

This symptom is indicative of the ignition switch and or connectors having a loose contact internally. The ignition switch is mounted on the opposite side of the ignition lock cylinder underneath the steering column upper and lower covers. The service manual suggests to remove the steering column out of the vehicle to avoid breaking the key-in pushrod. First disconnect the battery negative terminal. Two screws, lift back a small plastic retaining clip, remove the wiring connector lock(red) and pull the switch straight out. This is the switch not the key cylinder.