1991 GMC Sonoma Q&A

1991 GMC Sonoma Question: Dash lights and interior light went out.

I've checked the fuses on this and all is well on these. Any suggestions for testing purposes? -
Answer 1
I would check the headlight switch and dimmer switch. It's best to have a wiring diagram to test these so you know which wires to check. You can get a good wiring diagram here: http://bit.ly/mitchell_repair_manuals_online You can use a test light but a voltmeter is preferable. Check the power wires that go from the headlight switch to the interior lights. Good Luck! -
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still no luck on this situation, Bret! All was checked, including the fuses.... -
Answer 2
As far as interior lights,my '91 Sonoma has rubber grommets around the door switches that have deteriated,letting sand,dust,etc. get into switch.Just spray some lubricant in there & push in/out & see if dome light works. -
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That's one thing I haven't checked....I'll try that...right now, I'm using a 'punch domelight' to light up the interior...so maddening... -