dash lights and gauges on 2002 Volvo S60

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the dash lights and gauges on my 2002 s60 will be on when i start the car then after about 5 minutes they cut of and dont come back on. trying to find out what it is or what it could be any help would be appreciated
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It sounds like your S60 is suffering a CANbus fault, the DIM (driver's information module) aka the dash lights and gauges. So basically you need to bring the S60 in to a Volvo specific repair facility. They will need to scan the onboard diagnostic and properly pinpoint the issue. Most of the time it's a simple fix as to resetting the CANbus network or replacing the expensive DIM, which will require a Volvo specific software to activate the unit. Lastly worst case, you gotta replace the CEM (central electronic module) the "brains of the S60" as well but that's rare to fail. I've replaced a fair share of these modules so best of luck -Sam