Dash gauges stopped working. on 2003 Chevrolet Silverado 2500 HD

Gauges for fuel, odometer, rpm, temperature, and charging have stopped working. Were blinking on and off for a couple of days then went out for good. Checked all fuses and did not find blown fuse. Help

by in Pearcy, AR on April 11, 2010
4 answers
ANSWER by on July 06, 2010
most likely needs new instrument cluster.
ANSWER by on July 14, 2010
check your fuses some times a fuse will blow or if your pulled it to save on making milage on the odomiter
ANSWER by on May 02, 2013
There is a recall on the cluster not working correctly i recived a recall in the mail 3 years ago and they replaced my cluster
ANSWER by on May 10, 2014
Common Problem with these. They can be repaired here: http://www.mrwhizard.com
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