Dash gauges are psycho on 1998 Dodge Grand Caravan

My gauges are psycho. They come on at their own will. I can beat on the dash and they will sometimes come back on. Any suggestions ???

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Yes I just fixed my father in laws 98 grand caravan. On yutube there is a video of how to fix the dash cluster. It requires your pulling the cluster. On the circut board, where the wiring harness attaches you turn it over, and on the back is the solder points, the two right hand solders crack making intermittent contact. Just hit these with a soldering iron and cluster will be fixed.
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Intermittent problems are difficult to track down as to the source. Possible loose connections at the back of the instrument cluster, defective circuit board and or defective Body Control Module.
Common problem. The instrument cluster needs repair. They can be repaired here: