DASH BOARD CRACK on 2004 Toyota Land Cruiser

My Prado 120-series 2004 model's has developed cracks all over the dash board. I need to do some repairs on my AV system but fear opening it will accentuate the dash cracking problem. Is there a solution here? A moulded dash cover or where a new dash may be procured. My car is a right- hand drive, trust the car is marketed as a Lexus GX470.

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Dash covers are easliy found on the internet, and a new dash top is going to be expensive and maybe difficult to install. Myself, I'd go for the dash cover.
Thanks for the advice - i was heading towards same conclusion too. Seems problem is common for these cars.
Please send link where I can purchase dash cover as I have the same problem and cant find one to purchase on the internet. NOTE! Mine is right hand drive.
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Go with the dash cover, as Superbob suggested, or call few of your windshield glass services in your area, they might know a dash repair specialist in your area or try the Yellow Pages or Google.
I know a good one in the Charlotte, NC area, but it's too far for you.
I bet there are in your area also. They can do an amazing job to repair cracked dash boards, leather seats.