Dampness Inside the Vehicle Due to a Water Leak on Dodge Journey

Dampness inside the vehicle may be the result of a water leak, most commonly caused by improperly sealed body seams. Once the source of the leak has been determined the affected area should be properly sealed.

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Average mileage: 57,197 (4,349–150,000)
5 model years affected: 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013, more2015
39 people reported this problem
33 people shared problem details
I first found a saturated floorboard under the drivers seat. When I investigated I found the water filled storage unit in the drivers side passenger floorboard. Nothing else wet-not the passenger seat, or door--not the drivers seat. I cleaned it all out and it stayed dry until it rained again last night. I checked it this morning and the storage unit was completely full again--still dry seat and surrounding area--wet under the drivers seat. I'm stumped!
2013 Dodge Journey4,349
Our new Journey has been leaking into the vehicle from down through the headliner, the rear heating vent, from the rear DVD player, from the sunglasses visor and the side-impact air bag compartments. This first happened two months ofter we bought it brand-new off the lot. It has since been "fixed" three times and has reoccurred. The last two repairs I've been told they "adjusted" the sunroof- whatever that means. The first time it happened, I was told that the drains had not been installed properly at manufacturing. I'm not waiting for it to rain again to see if the leak has been permanently fixed, though I'm not holding my breath. Buyer beware if you're looking at a Dodge with a sunroof!
2009 Dodge Journey40,000
Floor on driver side is always wet. I thought I had fixed the leak by sealing a plug in the floor board, but its wet again.... The floor box behind driver seat is always full of water. Dodge said oh well your over your 30,000 mi warranty sorry!
2010 Dodge Journey35,000
Water in the storage container behind the drivers seat
2010 Dodge Journey99,500
Both of my floor boards in the front of my car had puddles after it rained... gurgling sound when my ac or defrost is on and make a left hand turn
2009 Dodge Journey42,000
Noticed it before, but thought it was melted snow. Had heavy rain in the past couple of days, I found the rear floor compartment behind the driver's seat full of water. Waiting for tomorrow to call dealer.. I'm happy with this Journey, I'll think twice about buying another Dodge.
2010 Dodge Journey90,000
Head liner wet over both front doors and left and right front carpet wet after raining please help thanks
Driver side floor fills with water and saturates under the carpet after rain. It takes a few days time to seep in. A water quantity significantly enough to to cause squishing sounds when stepping into the car. Shop vacuuming can remove up to 2 liters. This past winter, the dash was removed to replace the heater core because only driver side was heating up. I don't know yet if the replacement is the cause however I did not have this problem before this. The car is no longer covered so if they find the problem not to do with the heater core and dash replacement, I will have to pay. I am not happy and am nervous of what the cost may be. A 2010 vehicle? I didn't think a heater core would get clogged and full of dirt that young a car. And now this water problem. I don't want my floor to start rotting. PROBLEM SOLVED! Last year the dealer changed the heater core(as I explained above). They pinched the drain hose during replacement. The A/C drained directly into my car. SHODDY WORKMANSHIP was to blame. I did NOT have to pay for the repair but , shoot....they had to take up the carpets, sidings, seats, liner...??? what else?? What is weird is that I was on vacation while they did the job and they called me to tell me that is WAS NOT THE HEATER CORE so I gave the okay to continue the work (at my expense @ $92+/hr, which I ultimately did not have to pay, fortunately since it did end up being their fault). My car is nice and dry now. If this helps anyone, I will be very happy for you.
Water inside the coolers behid the front seats. Problem have not been corrected. Just discovered the issue.
Its not fixed. Every time it rains, my feet get wet when I get in. Now Dodge says they don't have to pay for it. I've driven Dodges since 1995, and I'm considering a damn Nissan because of this.
Rear doors fill with water during rains. Window seals so poor they allow pine needles to pass through plugging drain holes.never corrected. I now clean out pine needles from door on regular basis
2013 Dodge Journey34,000
Water leaks inside vehicle whenever it rains. Staining around headliner sunroof area and rain puddles on passenger side floor.
2015 Dodge Journey9,000
Was wondering why drivers floor and backseat floor always wet - gym bag, shopping bags, whatever. Being from Portland thought it was just me. Got oil change and I thiught they shampooed my car too. Nope today I lifted the storage space that I had never seen before and bam the whole thing was full. Emptied that and the bottom was full as well. Got a towel and wrang it out.
2013 Dodge Journey30,000
Had my journey for a couple years now and noticed my windows are always foggy inside and feels humid. Opened both floor compartment's and I sucked out 3 gallons of water from them.
Leak in rear of vehicle repaired once by dealer but still leaking. Headliner is stained on drivers side. Has roof factory roof racks. Going back for second repair?
2015 Dodge Journey21,000
Leaking roof area...water line of demarcation on ceiling..
2015 Dodge Journey4,800
It rained and I got up to find my passenger side floor filled with water all windows up don't know what's up
2012 Dodge Journey45,650
I didn't understand why there was a certain smell inside my car. It took me a while to grasp that it was a damp smell from inside the car.
2013 Dodge Journey77,000
The carpet on both sides of the vehicle is soaked, the rear seat cooler wells are full of water. I had the windshield replaced and the Dodge dealer blamed it on that! When I took it back to the windshield repair shop they found water leaking into the car under the floor boards. They showed me by running water under the car and the seals in the floor filled with water immediately. This has nothing to do the windshield being replaced. This is defective sealing of the floor seals. I am taking it back to the Dodge dealer right away. Not a happy camper!!!!
Repaired! I had water in the storage compartment and the carpet was soaked on the drivers side. I removed the seat and trim, and took out the carpet which is necessary to get the carpet dry. It will take 2-4 days for the carpet to dry outside of the car. I ran a hose over the windshield and found water entering the car from the left door sill. It was obviously running down the left door pillar and into the sill, but was not draining from the sill. In a breathtaking example of incompetent engineering, sound deadening foam had been injected into the sill, preventing the water from getting to the drain in the bottom of the sill. I cleared a path from the pillar to the drain holes by digging out a channel through the foam with a wire hook. This is all done through the holes in the top of the sill after removing the plastic trim sockets. There are holes in the side of the sill where the wire harness connects, these were sealed with silicone caulk then the wire harness re-attached. I then took steps to stop or redirect the water that was entering the top of the door pillar. This included sealing holes behind the trim piece next to the left mirror, and forming a rubber gutter above the pillar to redirect the water into the engine compartment. There have been no more floods after this fix.
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