Check Engine Light Due to Engine Misfire on Mazda Tribute

If the engine is misfiring, it may be caused by a damaged wire(s) which connect the fuel injectors to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The damaged wire(s) can be repaired or the emission wire harness replaced. A misfire can result in a loss of engine performance and illumination of the Check Engine Light.

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Average mileage: 129,620 (65,000–216,000)
Engines affected: 2.0L 4 Cylinder, 2.3L 4 Cylinder, 3.0L V6
9 model years affected: 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, more2005, 2006, 2008, 2009, 2010
49 people reported this problem
23 people shared problem details
2005 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6100,000
Just got word from the dealer, after 3 days of diagnostics, that it needed everything after the new pcm was installed, new manifolds, catalitic converter, and who knows what next, after reading the other stories here, I decided to just dispose of it, and cut my losses, I WILL NEVER BUY A MAZDA EVER AGAIN and will tell anyone who would ask to never buy a Mazda.
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2005 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V668,000
Already had coil replaced for misfiring and damage at #3. Now the misfiring/hesitation is starting again. Talked to Mazda and they "never heard of any such problems". With only 69000 miles and no other problems I hate to replace the vehicle but reading other posts with same issue it seems to be my only recourses.
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2004 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6214,000
engine misfires. first it was the #1, replaced the coil, now it is the #5?????
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2002 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6140,000
Check engine light comes on, took the vehicle to the shop Engine misfires.
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2005 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6129,000
Bad PCM from misfires on 5&6 caused burn-out of catalytic convertors on manifolds and $2,500.00 repair. Diagnostic showed bad coils on 5 & 6, but after replacement, problem remained, hence PCM replacement, but only after catalytic convertors were damaged. This severely affected engine performance!
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Bought my Tribute brand new in July, 2002. I've maintained it very well over the years and never had any problems with it. Recently, I noticed that whenever it rains or the humidity is high, the car idles rough and stalls out when I'm driving. I brought it to my mechanic who advised me it was my catalytic converters and suggested to replace a big price. He conveyed to me it was the result of using 87 octane gas and should use only 93. Well, the car ran fine for a week and then the same rough idling happened again. This time when I tried to drive it to the mechanics shop, the engine just died and I had to get it towed. Once again at the shop and while the weather was without humidity or one drop of rain, it ran fine. Quess what? the same thing happened again and this time when I try to start,it won't exceed 6000 rpm when I rev it up...
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2001 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6195,000
bad misfire even worse under load checked wire harness at pcm by moving around pcm wire harness and miss misfire goes away
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2003 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6100,000
car misfires on 5th and 6th cylinder
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2002 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6
the body control module has some kind of wire around the circuit it short itself gem cpu location mid dash lower floor center console YL8F-14B205-AB ECO3 67 560
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2003 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6150,285
Blocked exhaust. Blown EGR valve. Rough idle. Decreased mileage. Mazda dealer has fixed everything but the problem. Problem persists from 2012 to 2014 without resolution. Repairs cost more than vehicle's market value. Would you buy another Mazda?
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2002 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6158,000
had code for egr vacuum solenoid problem squeaking noise on rt passenger hesitation etc
2003 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V665,000
I had all new plugs and the rubber boots replaced and the coil on cylender 5. Thius started after I replaced the fuel pump! Mechanic can not find the source of the Cylender 5 misfire and told me to go see a Mazda Repair Shop! $700 later not counting the Fuel Pump Replacement!
Had the same probleme, when it rained, the engine would misfire. Mazda Tribute for those who don't know, its a hybrid, meaning not pure Mazda. Its a Ford Escape basically. After a while of misfiring when it rained, the EGR valve blew a hole on its side, the DPFE popped off and burned. Brought it to a garage. Had cracks in 4 of 6 coils. Replaced the 6 coils, spark plugs and the head gaskets as it was leaking oil into cylinders. But it didn't stop there, the Mazda Tribute, V6 has 3 catalytic converts. All three were burned out due to the misfire. Had to replace them them all as they were burned out from the misfires. Its was a very VERY expensive repair. It fixed the problem. I own a Mazda 3 Skyactiv. 65,0000 miles, the only thing I've only had done to it its to have the oil changed, never had a single problem with it. I will most definatly buy another Mazda, a REAL Mazda, no Fords disguised as a Mazda.
2003 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6185,000
Same issues a lot of you are having the misfire was caused due to leaking valve cover gasket.. the coil paks go down thru the center of valve cover and the seal to keep out the oil was bad so oil leak down into the tube where the spark plugs are and the spark from the coil didn't make to the spark plug (grounding to the block) thus causing the misfire..if you take out the coil pak and see that their is oil on the rubber tubing you have a valve cover leak..hope this helps someone..
2002 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V689,000
Misfire on cylinder 6
#1, Really liked this SUV, 5-spd. #2, it's NOT fixed, unless I am willing to spend more than the Tune-up & Cat. Conv. replaced now at $1200. It blew a gasket, now #2, #4 cylinders not at 100%. Now I am reading on this site, that the PCM (computer) failed and caused the misfires, that caused the fuel mix out of balance, which threw too much gas into the Cat. which burned it up. Praying for God to guide me on what to do. It's in such great physical conditon, plus a nice DVD/CD stereo installed 2013-:(.
2003 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V687,700
Misfire code reported, Misfire at #3 Replace, all Coils, Plugs Still Misfiring now it is at #2 Checked all connections, was told it was a sensor issue Replaced MAF, TPS, IAC, EGR, CAM AND CRANK sensors $1600 later, Get Tribute back, Ran good for 20 miles Check engine light came back on Misfire at #2 Now Dealer says it is the PCM or Cats. SELLING CAR WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER MAZDA Tribute only has 87000 miles on it, well maintained
2001 Mazda Tribute- 2.0L 4 Cylinder125,000
My 2004 Mazda tribute sputters/engine light goes on when it rains a lot. Once it dries up , it's fine.
2005 Mazda Tribute- 2.3L 4 Cylinder170,283
My car rough idled and stalled... towed to the shop and was told it's a known PCM issue with this vehicle. We had already spent ~$500 replacing two coils due to misfires. We'll see what happens when it gets to the dealer. I love my Mazda and hope it's not time to replace her.
2005 Mazda Tribute- 3.0L V6130,000
My baby girl is in the shop... Car didn't want to start or stay turned on. Knocking in engine, engine light turned on... Wheel was shaking and it happened without warning... One minute it was fine the next minute I am broken down. Waiting for the mechanic to fix her but he said that it was the PCM
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