Damaged Cylinder Head on 2000 Mazda Protege

We were told that one of the spark plugs exploded and damaged the "head". The mechanics who checked didn't speak english well and I assume they meant the engine cylinder head. Would that refer to the head gasket or the cylinder head itself? About how much might this cost to repair? They said they couldn't do it. Thank you.

by in Miami, FL on October 19, 2009
1 answer
ANSWER by on October 21, 2009
The cylinder head is available here http://www.parts.com/oemcatalog/index.cfm?action=getJointLocator&siteid=2&Sectionids=10,0&groupid=10014&subgroupid=60387&componentid=&makeid=22&model=Protege&year=2000&graphicID=F699050&callout=2&catalogid=1&displayCatalogid=0 and the labor to remove and replace is about 6 hours of labor, But I would talk to a automotive machine shop in your area and get a second opinion before buying and changing the head as it might be repairable.
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