cylinder 1 and 2 miss fire on 2008 Hyundai Accent

I had my 2008 hyundai accent diagnosed at advance auto when the check engine light came on because the car sounded like it wasnt running on all cylinders...the check came up that the 1 and 2 cylinders were miss firing...i first changed the plugs and switched the coils and had it checked again and the same results came i asumed it to be the fuel injectors...i bought some used ones and replaced the 1 and 2 cylinder injectors and it still runs the same.........any ideas of what it could be???

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ck coil circuits and quit guessing,it gets expensive. really used injectors. you had used injectors
how do you check the circuits...
use a noid light to check if you are getting power to the injectors
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That means one of 2 things: Your car needs to get a tune-up and also you need to have your spark plugs replaced plus the air filter as well to be replaced and the coils too. This is costly but a tune-up every year or every other year needs to be done to keep your car in good performance.

It would NOT be the fuel injectors though as you described it might be. However, I would take your Hyundai over to a Hyundai dealership ASAP and have them run a FULL Diagnostic Check Engine Light test and to see what code(s) they come up with. I am sure that it is the Tune-Up that needs to be done on it.

What you did? I am sure you did what you knew what was right for the vehicle, but I never do that myself. That to me could cause more harm than good. So take it to a dealership right away and see what they say. Also take your bills etc. so that they can also have a feel for what you did and when.