Cyl. 6 missfire after plug wire change on 2004 Ford Explorer

I bought spark plug wires at nappa auto right at the end of my road. I had already bought the plugs a while ago and just never had a chance to get them in. I couldnt get the plugs out so i waited a day for a friend to help, but I did change the wires. Upon installation i could tell that something wasnt right. I rechecked everything I had done and it all seemed to be okay. So I took it for a drive and on that drive the check engine light came on. I took it to auto zone and they ran the computer and it came up cyl 6 was misfiring. The next day i changed the plugs and it did not help the problem. I thought it could be a bad wire, so i took it back to nappa and got a new one, and still the same thing. Im clueless as to what this could be, and i really cant afford to take it to the shop to have it looked at so im hoping someone could point out what i did wrong

67.5k miles, the wires or plugs were never changed before this.

But would that have just appeared coincidentally after changing the wires?

well i just changed the coil pack and now its worse, backfiring and everything. can anyone post a pic of the way the wires are supposed to go on the coil pak. i doubt i got it wrong but its always a possibility

And the verdict is, bad fuel injector...

Maybe the # 6 terminal on the coil is shorting or is broken now ( a hairline crack) try wiping the terminal with a clean rag and if that dosn't work the coil might need replacement (try a wrecking yard) or $69 at autozone
Since the wires were never removed from the coil it could have happened upon removal