Cycling of AC Compressor on 2001 Ford Explorer Sport Trac

Correction on a typo from my previous post today. There are currently NO leaks in the system and the AC cools fine. The system was checked and no leaks present from dye. However there is the compressor cycling issue when the car is in drive but not in park. Is this an electrical problem?

by in Stockton, NJ on May 26, 2013
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ANSWER by on May 26, 2013
Does it do this if you throttle it up to say 1,000 rpm and keep it there for a bit in drive, holding brakes of course? Cool good at road speed? What i am getting at is idle speed may be incorrect.
COMMENT by on May 31, 2013
Hi Pushrod, Thanks for your reply. Cooling is fine when the truck is at road speed. When the truck is in drive (with my foot on the brake and no gas applied the idle is about 6-700 RPM (In Park about 1000 RPM). With my foot on the brake and truck in drive, increasing the RPM to about 11-1200, I don't notice any cycling. You may be right about the idle speed being too low. I'll try increasing the idle speed. Thanks for your help.
COMMENT by on May 31, 2013
Cleaning the throttle body may take care of it! Google it, may be a video on youtube. Clean Idle Air Control as wll. DO NOT THE TURN IDLE ADJUSTMENT SCREW! It will just get things messed up. When compressor kicks on IAC should raise idle speed to compensate!
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