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2006 Ford Five Hundred Question: CVT - fluid replacement service

A Ford dealer said that the CVT fluid only needs to be changed ever 90,000 miles, but Ford's maintenance schedule appears to indicate a 60,000 mile drain interval...who is correct? Considering the cost of the change @ $200+, 90,000 miles would certainly be preferred. Also, how difficult is it to change the fluid...I was quoted around $10/qt and around $20 for the filter, so that would be a big savings. The dealer said they use a special flushing machine for the CVT...is this true? I know this is true for regular transmissions...Thanks -
Answer 1
Flush method - same as other transmissions. I am showing 60,000 miles for the fluid replacement interval on the CVT. Also - When carrying out a fluid change interval, the installation of a new high-pressure case filter and seals is required. This is different from the typical transmission pan and filter. Do not change that for the normal interval. I know this is very confusing...to sum up: Have the transmission fluid flushed with the appropriate CVT fluid at 60,000 mile intervals. Replace the high pressure case filter and seals at this time also concurrently. -
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