cv joints on 1990 Honda Accord

how hard is to change a cv axle on my honda ?and is better to change them both at the same time,i need the best way to do this ,i have no garage and little cash,so i will do the labor,also how long will it last when you start hearing the clicking noise when you turn.

by in Niles, MI on January 11, 2011
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ANSWER by on January 11, 2011
I changed out my front cv axle on an 88 Honda civic, it only took a couple of hours, I don't think you need to change them both unless there both bad. I think it's pretty important to change once it starts going out, you don't want it to completely fail while your driving, it would cause more damage to the car, and be extremely dangerous. Make sure you get the correct axle, the shop I went to gave me the wrong one twice in a row. As a disclaimer- I'm not a mechanic, this is just my own experience with honda cv axles. Good Luck
COMMENT by on February 16, 2015
im having the same problem
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