cv joint bad on 2007 BMW 328i

vibration...i think it may be the cv joint going bad. any way to check it before taking a part and replacing?

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Have you checked your tires for wear pattern first? Most times the tire wear pattern or wheel being bent is the most obvious and common reasoning for the vibration.
Yes. Tires are fine. It seems to do it more when the car is under pressure. Like acceleration gong up a hill or stop am go on traffic. Etc
you need to check your driveshaft flex disc and driveshaft support bearings first. if you don't know what these are, consult a local BMW specialty shop before throwing parts at the problem. rear cv axles almost never fail on these
cars; the 328xi does have front cv axles and they eat outer
boots only.
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listen while making sharp slow turn, both directions,listen for clicking, park and turn wheel and reach in and grab driveshaft and pull up and down, feel for looseness. check tie rods,
feels tight an no clicking....