CV Boot Failure on 2005 Toyota Avalon

Over the past 10 years and three toyotas, the cv boot cover has broken and i have paid a lot for repairs. is this a frequently failing part or am being taken by the latest scam? What could I be doing (or not doing) that is leading to its failure?

Asked by for the 2005 Toyota Avalon
Front wheel drive cars do tend to have CV boots fail as the CV joint is exposed to road debris. Are the roads you are traveling on main roads or do you travel sometimes on lane ways or unpaved roads? I work on a lot of Toyotas and have not seen the Avalon experience a higher than normal rate of CV boot failure. VW put a little plastic deflector shield on the lower suspension arm on some of there cars. The inner right CV boot on many Subarus fail because of there close proximity to the catalytic converter but I see design fault with the Toyota that would contribute to premature boot failure.