cutting off problem on 1995 Nissan Maxima

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My car cuts off while sitting at red lights & while the air is on.Problem doesn't show up on computer. What could it be?
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Could be a multitude of things, so hard to guess without being able to drive the car or experience the problem first hand. It could be a vacuum leak, or idle speed control problem. Have seen air flow meters to cause a loss of power and stalling as well but all the problems I mention cause a Service Engine Soon light to illuminate. Scan tool information then shows lean mixture codes and Long and Short Term Fuel Trim figures to be radically off.
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Knock sensor in itself shouldn't cause the car to cut out (a lot of Nissans store what seems like an erroneous knock sensor code).
I have seen a lot of air flow meters cause stalling but they flag a coded for lean conditions.
I had a similar problem with my 1995 Maxima. I took it to a local shop in Glendale, CA. They identified the knock sensor as the problem. They replaced it for me and the problem disappeared.