cuts out and dies while driveing on 2002 Dodge Ram 1500

it cuts out and dies while driveing then takes a few mins to restart it just started this today, it shows "service 4wd" on dash. would 4wd cause engine to quit? in past its stalled and rpms dropped and it wouldnt acclerate but only happened once...

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You will most likely have some codes in your computer for this. Is there a check engine light on as well? The 4wd is a separate issue.

Have the codes inspected. Don't be surprised if it is a Crank Shaft Sensor, BUT have the codes inspected first to verify this.

here is a link to some shops who will do this.
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im having same issues with my dodge ram, 5.9l , i did a self computer diagnosis onboard and came out with p code 340 which is the cam shaft position sensor. im gonna replace it and clear memory and go from there. thats why im here doodling around here. to get p codes on my truck all i do is ignition to run then off then run then off then run, approx. 3 times then it begins shooting code on mileage area on speedometer. try it.any questions, email me at, BY THE WAY. Save your money and try diagnosis yourself before giving a mechanic 80 plus dollars for same code readings