Cutlass needs cabin heat on 1997 Oldsmobile Cutlass

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Jsut when the weather gets really cold with snow and ice forming in Dallas, I find that my '97 Cutlass Supreme LS has no cabin heat. The vent doors appear to redirect the flow, no telltale vacuum hissing, temp control (dial) functioning and the engine temp is normal. I've just started working after two years on the side line - I can't afford to show up frozen.
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Basically,. a no brainer,,,with a catch!! It sounds like your Heater core inside your car is either broken or the valve that lets the hot water from the engine is not opening. Either way the heater core is a job to get to. It is located behind the dash roughly near where the brake pedal is,, the hoses to it from the engine go thru the firewall into cabin,,see if those hoses are hot or not,,,think both should be pretty hot if not may not be going into car and back out,,,,,one more thing first, check for any broken fuses on both sides of the dash and in the engine compartment. best wishes. let me know