Cupped tires on 2010 Volkswagen CC

Continental (Conti-Seal) tires...all 4 "cupped" interior side - no other wear on tires (feathering, bulging, etc) 30,000 miles. Dealer says it's an alignment issue (based on visual wear of tires); independent source checked alignment and said no alignment required. Checked suspension and everything is fine. Suspect this is a tire issue?

by in Sterling Heights, MI on April 23, 2011
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ANSWER by , April 26, 2011
the dealer will not warranty the tires; don't waste your breath. when you replace these tires, you really need to do some research of what tire may work better. many german cars prematurely wear the inner edge and it's absolutely normal; it's the way they've designed the suspension and you cannot change that. if you got 30,000 miles on the original tires, you did very well.
COMMENT by , April 27, 2011
Sounds like you work for Continental? 30,000 miles on a 60,000 mile tire is not well. Prematurely wearing on the inner edge is not normal for the average driver (this isn't a race car). I have owned more than 20 vehicles and have never seen this condition....ever. The German's didn't get this one right if that is what they want to call normal. You may be right that the dealer will not warranty the tires, but there needs to be a root cause defined. They have either spec'd the tire incorrectly for that vehicle or they are just junk tires.
COMMENT by , April 28, 2011
no, not employed by Continental, just have worked on german cars all my life and see it every single day. just because you've owned 20 car does not mean that you know anything about suspension unless you own a shop. perhaps your Honda or Toyota will get 60,000 miles on a Rollmaster Sonic tire, but a german car certainly will not. If you do own a shop, please sign in as such, otherwise remain in your ignorance.
COMMENT by , April 30, 2011
Then what is it with the "German" suspension that is different than other cars that causes tires to fail at low mileage?
ANSWER by , October 11, 2012
I had the same problem at 30K miles with the cupping. The dealer did not bring this to my attention on the 10K mile service but I discovered it on my own. The dealer refused to do anything about it saying it was a tire problem. I took the car to my mechanic and he checked it out and said that the 4 wheels were not aligned properly when I bought the car so I had them aligned. I contacted VW and they agreed and replaced 2 of the tires at no cost and I replaced the other 2. This is a VW problem so go to them directly and you could possibly get some adjustment.
ANSWER by , May 28, 2014
My C2010 CC has the same issue. So did my 2010 Passat, no response or relief from VW. If you can't take the noise or tire wear, you have to get rid of the car. That is what the dealer told me in AZ. I got rid of the Passat, was surprised to see the CC have the same issue.
ANSWER by , December 17, 2014
2010 Volkswagen cc 50000 miles 3 sets of new tires problem not solved very dissatisfied with vw 1st & last vw German engineering sucks