cruise control wont work on 2006 Chrysler Pacifica

Engine light is on and has been for some runs fine, very worried about how much it will cost us to see why its on. One thing we are very curious about is that a year or so ago the battery went dead and we had to get a new one. Well after all was said and done the cruise control wouldn't work any more. Has anyone had that problem?

start with having codes scanned and see if they are related then post so we can adv
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Scanner should answer problem.
As already remarked GET THE CHECK ENGINE LIGHT DIAGNOSED! If the problem is not serious , at least you'll know that and be given the choice of whether or not to repair it. If the light is on AND a new fault developes that is serious , then you won't know until it's to late , because the LIGHT IS ALREADY ON. Odds are that the fault setting the light on is performance related and automatically disables the cruise control. When the fault is repaired that may enable the cruise control.Lots of newer cars run 'fine' while they are self-distructing. Good luck.
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