Cruise control problem on 1994 Nissan Quest

Few days back while driving on the highway, the moment I hit the cruise control button the cruise control green light started flashing and the speedometer needle jumped a few times and died. Thereafter for few days the speedometer did work but erratically, frequently and momentarily registering the speed and going dead. For couple of days now it went completely dead. I took it to the garage, checked cruise control cables, the relay (but could not find the cruise control module--as it was not in the location as mentioned in the repair manual. I was wondering if anyone experienced similar problems or how to fix this. Thanks a lot in advance.

Asked by for the 1994 Nissan Quest
The cruise control module is located to the right of right center of the dash. The module is just below the Anti-lock brake module. Nissan call it a ASCD control module. I would suspect the Vehicle Speed Sensor (VSS) is the problem. It is located on the transmission and I believe the wires are Black/Red, Pink/Blue. The VSS is a pulse generator it puts out a AC voltage the faster the vehicle goes the greater frequency the ac voltage is generated, it can be checked using an oscilloscope.