Cruise Control Not Working on 2004 Mercury Mountaineer

My cruise control started not working from time to time a couple of months ago. For the last few weeks I can't get it to engage at all. Also ABS warning light comes on from time to time.

What should I expect to resolve these problems?

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The ABS system provides the vehicle speed signal for many systems, possibly including the cruise control as well. I would have the diagnostic codes read out and have the diagnostic procedures performed according to the information associated with the codes. Your looking at around an hour of labor to diagnose this.
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The two problems may be related, but it's impossible to tell without a full diagnosis.

RepairPal has some content on the ABS warning light that will get you started with regard to what to expect:
its the speed sensor located on the top of the rear drive axel.....make sure when u replace it that the rubber seal in the wire harness is intact or u will get corrossion and ur problems may start all over