Cruise control light comes on when you hit the on switch but it will not engage. on 1996 Dodge Ram Van 3500

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The cruise control will not set or resume. While driving at any speed, i can push the cruise on/off switch and see the light come on indicating it is active, however, when i push the set button it will not engage. Need to know where to start looking to fix it and if possible, a schematic would be great!
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agree with goodguy or poss bad brk light switch
Gotcha I will check the fuses first. If the fuses are fine, where can i locate both the brake light switch or cruise control module? Also, my brake lights work fine so is it possible that the switch is still bad?
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on brk pedal assm
Gotcha. Is it still possible for it to be bad even though my brake lights function the way they're supposed to?
could be a bad cruise module but check your fuses first
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