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2004 Chevrolet Trailblazer Question: cruise control

my cruise control wont engage.how can i fix this? -
Answer 1
Cruise control failure could be a failure electrically or mechanical. Have you a Service Engine Soon/Check Engine Light on. If so a scan tool is required to retrieve the trouble codes from the on board computer in your car. Look on Autozone's website once you register they have a lot of workshop manuals for popular cars on line for free. -
Answer 2
Hello ,, the cruise control will not turn on the check engine ligt, because it is not an emmission related fault, however there might be a code stored in the body control module that might help in the diagnosis.. the most simpliest problem to check for , is make sure all of your brake lights work, a burned out bulb will cause cruise not to work -
Comment 1
Man, Thanks! Out of town right now, was in a different city about an hr from where i'm at, stopped at a store, got back in & cruise control didn't work anymore, Just came across this thread... and what do you know.... My driver side brake light is out... Thanks once again... -
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