Creaking/grating noise when braking on 2003 Saturn Vue

When I am braking, pulling in/out of somewhere, the car makes a loud creaking or grating noise from underneath. Sounds like its coming from the drivers side underneath. I had the brakes replaced in January, so it's not them. What else could be causing this?

Asked by for the 2003 Saturn Vue
It could be a dry or worn suspension bushing or joint or brake pad anti squeal shims that have become dislocated for some reason. It could be many things, unfortunately and without hearing the noise first hand or being able to do some basic diagnostic tests or be able to drive the car, its hard to say what the source of the noise may be.
I also noticed when looking at the car from a distance, you can see (what I think is this axel) on the passenger side going from the tire up into the car, but, you don't see it hanging down on the drivers side. Is that related to the axel?
I had the bushings replace but the noise is still there. What else could it be?