crazy gauges on 1995 Dodge Dakota

recently my 95 dakota started acting nuts,The truck runs fine but the gauges will start going haywire,the tach drops to 0 and the speedometer drops to 20 regardless of my speed,all the other gauges go nuts also,the voltmeter drops especially when the lights are on,it has a new altenator and battery

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Mine did the exact same thing. Believe it or not it was a short in the wiring of the passenger side rear tail light. It was easy to find, I simply made a new connection and taped it up with plenty of electrical tape. That took care of all the wild crazy reactions. However there are still two gauges that do not work at all. I've been told it is the connections in the instrument cluster. I was told to remove it and place electrical (dyelectic) grease on every connection. I havent gotten around to that yet. Good Luck.