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2001 Ford Taurus Question: Crazy Door Locks



crazylocks, 3.0L V6, Bettendorf, IA, February 16, 2010, 16:58

I have a 2001 Ford Taurus with power door locks. There are 2 methods for programming the auto-lock feature that will lock the doors after the car is placed into drive. Recently, the auto-lock feature keeps trying to relock the doors continuously while driving and has even auto-locked when the car is parked in the garage. I used the “owners” method listed in the manual to deactivate the auto-lock feature and it solved the problem for a short time. Now, deactivating the auto-lock feature doesn’t help solve the problem. The second method listed must be done by a dealer. I’m guessing the door lock control module (if there is such a thing) is shot. Is there something I can do, or do I have to have an expensive dealer repair done to the car. THANKS!

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