1992 Nissan Pathfinder Q&A

1992 Nissan Pathfinder Question: crankshaft wobble

I notice my main drivebelt pulley/crankshaft pulley was wiggling loose after a day 4x4. got home checked. lost all oil. found shredded seal thru hole in between timing belt cover and oil pump. Q#1 timing belt cover need to be sealed? Q#2 how to check balancer and crank w/o full engine overhaul? how check oil pump is not done and what else should I check etc. HELP PLEASE -
Answer 1
I am going to tell you straight up! You need to check around for a repair shop/mechanic that can look at your Nissan for you! Then have it towed there. That is the best thing you can do. -
Answer 2
poss crank pulley is falling apart or coming loose.as suggested tow to shop and have it looked at -