Crankshaft position sensor on 2002 Volkswagen Jetta

Where is it the crankshaft position sensor located it and how can it be repaired?

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just below, and to the right of the oil filter. round housing, one 10mm bolt, and a short wire with a grey connector. Just found it myself 10 min ago!
I have a 1999 vw beetle and need to replace can you send info on this to
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It is normally on the bell housing, near the top, by the engine, and they cannot be repaired. If it is bad it would need to be replaced.
Thanks this was very helpful.
this sensor was a pain in the ass... its located aroiund the oil filter... once you find it, the angle is difficult, to pull out... be prepared to get you hands..dirty...
Whay problem were you all experiencing that you found this to repair?