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2002 Volkswagen Jetta Question: Crankshaft position sensor

Where is it the crankshaft position sensor located it and how can it be repaired? -
Answer 1
It is normally on the bell housing, near the top, by the engine, and they cannot be repaired. If it is bad it would need to be replaced. -
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Thanks this was very helpful. -
Answer 2
just below, and to the right of the oil filter. round housing, one 10mm bolt, and a short wire with a grey connector. Just found it myself 10 min ago! -
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I have a 1999 vw beetle and need to replace can you send info on this to jonathan.soard@us.army.mil.. -
Answer 3
this sensor was a pain in the ass... its located aroiund the oil filter... once you find it, the angle is difficult, to pull out... be prepared to get you hands..dirty... -
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Whay problem were you all experiencing that you found this to repair? -
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