Crankshaft leaking on 1998 Jeep Wrangler

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How do I know if it is my crankshaft that is leaking and not the water pump? I cannot get a good view of the water pump that is above my crankshaft.
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Crankshaft front seal will leak engine oil )not antifreeze) The water pump will leak antifreeze (and not engine oil). A garage would pressurize the cooling system using a device that looks like a bicycle pump and it would help locate the leak. A leaking water pump may show signs of excess play and may growl when the engine is running.
Thank you. I was trying to tell my friend that I doubted the crankshaft would leak antifreeze.
Just like Patrick said. No water could leak from the crank shaft seal. It is more than likely the water pump, unless the thermostat housing or the hose leaks and the coolant runs down.