2003 GMC Sonoma Q&A

2003 GMC Sonoma Question: Cranks several times before starting

Had the fuel pump changed and the problem went away for about 2 weeks. Now it's back to cranking several times before it starts. It starts immediately if I re-start it right after running for awhile. I think the fuel pump is loosing its prime again. What else could be causing this? -
Answer 1
Was the Check Valve replaced as well? Because this sounds like the Check Valve is bleeding down. The Check Valve holds fuel pressure when you shut off the engine. -
Answer 2
Could be dirty injectors. Try using the techron additive. Could also be dirty fuel filter. Also try turning ignition to run for a few seconds first this will run the fuel pump and see it it makes any difference. I have a similar problem adding techron seemed to make it significantly better. At over 135,000 I don't expect it to run like new. -