1998 Chevrolet Express 1500 Q&A

1998 Chevrolet Express 1500 Question: Cranks but won't start

The car started then stalled now won't start, just cranks doesn't seem to fire at all. I have spark and can here the fuel pump. There is pressure at the relief valve. If I spray starter fluid in, it will fire over but not start. What can I check next? -
Answer 1
what is fire over??? what was the fuel pressure. you need 58 lbs to start but 60 is the desired pressure. how do you know it has spark??? i suggest a shop to check it and give you a bid. Roy -
Comment 1
Thanks Roy. I don't have a fuel pressure gauge but if I open the relief valve it squirts out with some pressure, don't know what the true pressure is. I put a dummy plug on one of the plug wires and can see the spark. Fire over means I get some combustion if I spray starter fluid down the throttle body, but once the starter fluid is used up, it just cranks. I can't see the pressure regulator on this design nor can I see the fuel injectors - I'm not even sure if it is ported or throttle body fuel injection. -
Comment 2
could be the gear on the bottom of the distributor or timing chain &gears -
Comment 3
Most like a fuse or body module corroded. -
Answer 2
Probably too late, but my 96 van was doing the same thing. I could hear the fuel pump running, however, checking the pressure on the fuel rail with a guage, I only had 45 lbs. I replaced the fuel pump and it now starts better than ever. -