cranks but doesnt start on 2005 Nissan Maxima

quit while driving/ at first security light was on while cranking replaced blown fuse for eccs cont and found broken neg battery cable sec light out now still no start no spark or injector pulse no codes

by in Gibsonia, PA on June 28, 2010
0 answers
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Dude I dont know, i thought it was my battery. every time i started my car i had to gently push the gas pedal and it would start after maybe 4 or 5 times trying. now it just wont start. my battery ...
i just put two new injectors in and put everything back together and went to start the car and it make a hard cranking sound which doesnt sound good what did i do and how do i fix this
I need help guys. I have a 1998 Maxima with a major starting problem. My car has been hard to start for a while, but sometime I get black smoke when this hard starting occurs. I replaced my starter...

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