crank shaft sensor on 2005 Chrysler Town & Country

where is the crankshaft sensor on a 2005 town and country van located and how do i change it

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The 3.3/3.8L crankshaft sensor is located on the rear of the transmission housing, above the differential housing The bottom of the sensor is positioned next to the drive plate. Remove the 10mm bolt holding the sensor in place and remove the sensor. Install the new crankshaft sensor.
Install crankshaft sensor bolt and tighten. Connect wiring.
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If you face the front of the engine(the pulley side) the crank sensor is directly under the exhaust manifold. It has a small square electrical plug that goes into it. A small 10mm bolt holds it in place, spray some lube around it before you try to remove it, and work it out slowly as they sometimes get stuck.
where is the crankshaft sensor
I have a 2007 Chrysler town and country I'm having the crankshaft position sensor replaced but the mechanics at Fletcher's can't find where the part is!! They say it's supposed to be in the back but it's not some forms say it's up from does anyone have any idea. They tried to send my wife home without fixing it cause they couldn't find it!!
Searched for 2 hours on my 2006 Town and Country ... could not find the CKP. Was looking on the port side of the engine - where the tranny and engine meet, under the exhaust ... wires pass in that region, but no sensor connects to the engine or tranny anywhere nearby. Still mystified.