Crank Shaft Sensor on 2001 Mercedes-Benz SLK320

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Car will just shut off.... just replaced crank shaft positioner... ran fine first day... Tryed to start car next day - nothing - all lights on dash come on and the electric fan motor starts to run in the engine compartment - that it! Waited an hour - went out and car started right up ?!?!!?? What is causing this to happen ?
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you are describing two very different problems. engine just
shutting off MIGHT be a crank sensor; you confirm that with
either a diagnostic code or watching the resistance of a
suspected sensor while heating it with a heat gun. the MB
cranks sensors usually will fail when hot. when you have a
bad crank sensor, the engine will turn over, crank and crank and crank, but will not start until it cools off. this sensor won't cause the dash lights or aux fan or a "no crank" problem. you will need someone with MB software to confirm you are getting a start signal from the
DAS and then make sure that you don't simply have a dead spot on the starter.