Crank shaft bolt/pulley wobbles. on 2001 Mitsubishi Montero Sport

I had a mechanic try to fix/tighten the bolt after is came out. The pulley still wobbles and another mechanic cannot tighten it anymore. Makes noise. What are my options now? New engine?

Which is damaged , the crank or the pulley?
The bolt that goes into the crank shaft backed out at and angle at first. Vehicle made loud noise. I stopped riving it and had it looked at. A mechanic was able to remove it and replace it with something that fit. The bolt cannot be tighten all the way or if it is tightened its not enough to secure the pulley tightly. The pulley wobbles and makes noise.
I'm sorry , can't help. That describes what happened , but does not answer my question. ,,......
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Get a new pulley..we had the same issue