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1994 Geo Metro Question: crank sensor location

I cant find the crank angle sensor my cars diagnosis told me code 42 which was crank angle sensor. It is not on the bottom of oil pan as chilton says -
Answer 1
I believe it's part of the distributor, here is a picture: http://info.rockauto.com/getimage/getimage.php?imagekey=50020&imageurl=http%3A//info.rockauto.com/SMP/LX755_FULL.jpg -
Answer 2
On our 97 3 cylinder there is one just behind the pulley on the crankshaft. Between the pulley and the oil pan. -
Answer 3
1994 geos dont have a crank sensor they have a distrbutor and a pick up coil inside of it that tells the coil when to fire the distrbutor is on the drivers side and works off of the cam -