crank sensor on 2005 Nissan Altima

Thank you in advance. I took my car in for a recall and the ECM: Electronic Control Modual was reprogramed.
Question: Would the ECM have anything to do with the crank sensor..would the reprograming have effected the crank system. The reason for my inquiry is I see there was recalls on Nissans for the crank system. So I asking are they one in the same?

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i did not see any recalls for the crank sensor but i see TSB bulletins on there failure. we have replaced a lot of crank sensors as they have a high failure rate.
as far as the re programming efecting the crank sensor, no. all the re programming does is update information in your computer similar to updates on your pc.

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The ECM is normally referring to the Engine Control Module. The ECM receives signals from many sensors, the crank sensor being one of them. They work together but are not the same thing.
If it was a recall it should have not cost you anything, right. A recall should not cost you ANYTHING. Did it?
No, there was no cost. I was just inquiring if theCrank Sensor was in relation to the ECM: Electrical Control Modual. For I was reading about the crank Sensor having issues or/and there was a recall. And if so, the recall was performed on my car then I returned less than 2 weeks later and had the Crank Sensor was replaced at a cost. Thank you, for inquiring otherwise.