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1993 Toyota Celica Question: Crank but wont start, no spark..

Starter crank but the engine wont start. I checked spark at the #1 spark plug and no spark. Changed ignition coil, replaced igniter, distributor cap and rotor. I also noticed that "check engine" warning light wont come on when I switch key to "on" position all other warning lights come on. -
Answer 1
check for power to the distributor. common failure back in the day. Roy -
Comment 1
thank you Roy, i will concentrate on that section and do what you said. -
Comment 2
there is power to coil -
Answer 2
CHECK YOUR IGNITER,( SENSORS) CAM SHAFT SENSOR AND CRANK SHAFT SENSOR,COMPUTER MODULE. If you need some igniter I have some just give us the part no. and name and phone no, will send you one for 50 % off. Roland and Jim mastermech. San Leandro. -
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