Crank bearing on 2000 Chrysler Voyager

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I just bought this minivan on Sept 11. End of Sept, I got rear ended, and the van was in the auto body shop for almost a month to have the tailgate repaired/replaced. I just got it back a week and a half ago, and on the way to lunch, it lurched for a second, then started knocking. I brought it to a valvoline for oil change, and found it was leaking and was empty! They filled the oil and I brought it to the dealer I bought it from to repair the leak. They're tellign em the knock is worse and my crank bearing sounds messed up. I haven't even had this thing for a month (when you take away time it was in the auto body) and now this? What kind fo cost am I looking at?
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If you just bought this at the dealer, I would try to get your money back for the vehicle, or have them pay for it if it is unrelated to the accident.