Cracked Valve Cover on 2002 Toyota 4Runner

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Leaking oil and was told valve cover is cracked. Was told this is unusual to happen. Is this a defect in the manufacture ? There has been no work on the covers before.
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Most likely it is a leaking valve cover gasket, not a cracked valve cover, as this would be very unusual. However it it not impossible.
Did the Tech or Service Writer show you the crack?? Because they should be able to point to it so that yo can plainly see it, even if they have to use a mirror etc. Make them prove it or take you car to another shop.

here are some shops:
It was picked up at the car inspection in another city. I took it to my very reliable mechanic because it is leaking oil . It was confirmed when they replaced the gasket and it continued to leak !
I'm surprised to hear that the valve cover has cracked. It must be a defect in the manufacture but I'd have to see it to be sure.
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