Cracked panel below rear window. on 2003 Lincoln Aviator

The crack is just to the right of the Lincoln emblem.I notice many other Aviators with the same crack in the same spot as mine.
appears to be a defect.
Does anybody know about this and what recourse I have against Ford?

Asked by for the 2003 Lincoln Aviator
Very common problem. The original panel was very brittle plastic. Also, there in a void under the area that cracks. You can buy a replacement panel, which is a more flexible material. The old panel must be removed from the back glass. It is a tedious and difficult task. (7 hrs), and it will break off in small pieces. Then there is a spine like gasket under the panel where you must dig out all of the old adhesive. Then, the new panel must be refinished, and urethane adhesive is used to adhere it back to the glass.The replacement panel is around $180. Good luck if you are not a professional body man. You will loose your religion!