Cracked head on 2000 Jeep Cherokee

how much should it cost to have a cracked head and or a head gasket repaired on the 4.0 liter?

by in Tecumseh, MI on April 21, 2009
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ANSWER by on April 22, 2009
Check to see if you can get an estimate in RepairPal's estimator for a head gasket replacement. You should be able to. The difference in price between getting a head gasket and the entire cylinder head would just be the price of the cylinder head. The labor and other parts should be pretty close.
ANSWER by on April 22, 2009
how much would this cost
ANSWER by on March 03, 2010
If your head cracked then the engine overheated. Mine did the same thing. I found a used engine on and had a mechanic install it for me. I replaced the water pump, upgraded the radiator and replaced the belt. When the mechanic took out the radiator he cut it open and found that someone had put in that stop leak stuff and it was halfway clogged with it. It cost me about 2 thousand for the entire job and that was about a year and a half ago.
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